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Speeding Fines

Speeding fines can definitely cost you much, not just in money but in insurance points too, as the premiums will become more expensive once you have speeding tickets on your record. However, given the fact that speed is the major cause of fatalities on roads, we should not wonder that the penalties are so drastic; it is probably the only way to make drivers obey the law in traffic. People receive speeding fines when they are detected by speed devices such as fixed or mobile cameras or […]

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Fight a Speeding Ticket

Should one fight a speeding ticket or not? So, you are on the run, already late for work and you press the acceleration pedal a little more than usual. But just as you are more in a hurry than ever, you see the blue lights and hear the sirens and there is a halt for you. A speeding ticket on the record, an officer that has to go through all the basic formalities, and you are on the rush and at the end of your tether! Well, […]

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