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Fighting Speeding Tickets

Fighting speeding tickets is often a matter of principle rather than an attempt to avoid paying a fine. Many people have difficulties in following certain traffic regulations that they find absurd, and, therefore they are ready to take the chance of being stopped by the police than adjust their driving to the valid laws of the state. Moreover, there are cases when people are even proud that despite the fact of being stopped for speeding, they’ve still managed to keep their record clean. Fighting speeding tickets successfully […]

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Beat a Speeding Ticket

We all get speeding tickets on our record, but there are times when you can escape with a clean record if you know how to deal with the situation. You may be surprised to learn that there are people who use all sorts of tips and tricks to beat a speeding ticket, and it really works for them. It is a false myth that fighting with a police officer will help you beat a speeding ticket: practice shows that you will never increase the chances of leniency […]

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How to Fight a Speeding Ticket

How to fight a speeding ticket? This is the big question when you know you’ve stepped too much on the acceleration pedal and you see the blue lights of the police car in the rear mirror. There are no rules about how to fight a speeding ticket; you can try and convince the officer to let you go without any penalty or you may go to court and beat it there. When you take the matter into your own hands and try to solve the issue on […]

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