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Speeding Fines

Speeding fines can definitely cost you much, not just in money but in insurance points too, as the premiums will become more expensive once you have speeding tickets on your record. However, given the fact that speed is the major cause of fatalities on roads, we should not wonder that the penalties are so drastic; it is probably the only way to make drivers obey the law in traffic. People receive speeding fines when they are detected by speed devices such as fixed or mobile cameras or […]

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Fighting Speeding Tickets

Fighting speeding tickets is often a matter of principle rather than an attempt to avoid paying a fine. Many people have difficulties in following certain traffic regulations that they find absurd, and, therefore they are ready to take the chance of being stopped by the police than adjust their driving to the valid laws of the state. Moreover, there are cases when people are even proud that despite the fact of being stopped for speeding, they’ve still managed to keep their record clean. Fighting speeding tickets successfully […]

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Speeding Tickets

Speeding tickets are definitely not the worst thing that could happen to you in traffic, but they could definitely bring one a lot of trouble. For every speeding ticket case solved unfavorably for you, there will be some penalty points added to your driving license. If you get twelve such points within a year, your license will be automatically suspended for two months, and a notification will be sent to you through mail informing you on the situation. Therefore, take the chance of beating the speeding tickets […]

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